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Kids Recreational Team

For ages 6-18, Mesa Rim’s Youth Recreational Team is designed to introduce youth climbers to competition climbing in a fun and relaxed environment. Learn strength and technique exercises, receive climber-specific coaching, and enjoy a wide range of climbing activities. Mesa Rim’s Recreational Team brings kids in the community together! We believe rock climbing for kids builds strength, confidence, and friendships in an environment that encourages each climber to reach their highest potential! Must have approval from the Head Coach or have previously attended a Rock Tech or Rock Monster Class.
All abilities welcome.

Cost: $175 per month (includes membership)
Duration:Tuesday/Thursday 4p-6:30p
Prerequisites: Ages 6-18

Kids Competitive Team

For kid climbers who want achieve their maximum potential, join Mesa Rim’s Youth Competitive Team! For climbers ages 7-18, Mesa Rim offers expert coaching and regular training all in preparation for local, regional and even national USAC hosted competitions. Climbers will be coached to improve strength, technique, endurance, power, and competition skills.Training sessions will include direct instruction during bouldering and rope climbing sessions, as well as exercises to enhance flexibility and prevent injury. Coaches will work with each climber to set goals, assess and log progress in order to ensure constant improvement. Plus, it’s sure to be fun! Must have approval from the head coach.
Cost: $255 per month (includes membership)
Duration: Mon/Wed/Fri 4:00pm-7:00pm
Prerequisites: Ages 7-18

2014 Mesa Rim Youth Team Scholarships

Download the application for the YOUTH RECREATIONAL TEAM
Download the application for the YOUTH COMPETITIVE TEAM

The Mesa Rim/Outdoor Outreach Youth Team scholarship is awarded for two San Diego youth who seek to enrich their lives through the physical and mental activity provided by rock climbing and the camaraderie developed in a team environment.  This is a need based scholarship that is designated for families with a total household income less than $50,000. Priority will be given to those in need of financial assistance.

Scholarship includes (for Youth Competitive Team):
• 1 year of membership to Mesa Rim Climbing Center
• 1 year of membership in the Youth Climbing Team
• 1 year of paid dues to USA Climbing
• 1 year of paid competition fees for local, regional, divisional, and national ABS and SCS competitions
• Mesa Rim Team apparel and one harness and one pair of climbing shoes

Applicants must complete the application on the following page and submit their application either in person, email, or fax to the following address:

Postal Mail:
Mesa Rim Climbing Center
Attn: Scholarship Program
10110 Mesa Rim Rd
San Diego CA 92121



Applications will be accepted beginning May 30, 2014 through July 25, 2014. Applications will not be accepted prior to May 30, 2014 so please do not submit early applications. Only the first fifty (50) applications submitted after May 30, 2014 will be considered for the scholarship.

Scholarship winners will be announced on July 30, 2014. Team membership begins on Mon Sep 1, 2014 and continues through Fri, July 25, 2015.

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Meet the Coaches at Mesa Rim!

Rosie Bates

Rosie Bates

Head Coach + L2 Setter

Being a Jedi Master of Beta, Rosie Bates is a coach as well as woman of rock climbing talent who is deeply committed to the sport. “The Aeneid” is a Latin epic poem, written by Virgil. A quote from the legendary story reads “Possunt quia, posse videntur”; this translates into the “They are able because They think they are able” a motto Rosalie Bates lives her life of.  Similar to Virgil, the Buddha says we are shaped by our thoughts’ and we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Rosie Bates understands that life is all about attitude, she applies this to climbing as the sport is more than what meets the eye. It’s more than finger strength but the mind’s capacity to overcome obstacles. Climbing is a mental game about staying in the moment; if your mind wanders on the wall you’ll fall off. Nonetheless, it makes sense that she’s a Psychology major at the University of San Diego. At USD she has established a school rock climbing team, which now has over 30 members. Through teaching she passes down everything she knows to her pupils of all ages. Her weapons of choice are a pair of 5.10 moccasyms and a rack of trad gear. She has been climbing since 2004, crushed the longest route in Red Rocks and competed twice at ABS nationals as a youth competitor. Her skills are only growing and her journey only continues.

Mark Kattus

Mark Kattus

L1 Setter + Assistant Coach

Growing up in San Diego, Mark had the typical Southern California childhood—eating sand, surfing, and getting sunburned. But all that changed when he took his first trip to a friend’s home wall in North County. He traded his quiver of surfboards for a quiver of climbing shoes, and warm days at the beach for cold nights in the mountains. A physicist by education, Mark is fascinated by climbing movement; he is, therefore, most drawn to the purity of movement found in bouldering, though he dabbles in all disciplines of the sport. He started setting at the Outback Climbing Center in 2010, immediately appreciating it as both a creative outlet and a means to further his understanding of movement on rock. He is psyched to grow as a climber and setter as a part of the Mesa Rim team.

Daton Morris

Daton Morris

Assistant Coach + Personal Trainer

Daton started climbing 6 years ago when one of his friends invited him to the Santee. Easily convinced without a sight of swell in the water Daton was instantly hooked with bouldering and fell in love with climbing.The day after he got a gym membership and climbed almost everyday for the next year nearly giving up all other activities including surfing. Different than surfing this was not the most ideal way of training and lead Daton to adapt new ways of smarter training constantly exploring new ideas, methods, and exercises specifically for climbing. Besides the physical parts of training Daton also became very interested in the mental side of climbing and also ways to train the brain for the imposed demands. Daton’s favorite style of climbing is bouldering and specifically he enjoys exploring any new areas that have a glimpse of rock from pictures scoured from google earth. When he is not scavenging for new spots or training for climbing he enjoys surfing( a lifelong passion), slack lining and hanging out with his daughter and family. 

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego

Rock climbing for kids at Mesa Rim :: Best kids rock climbing walls in San Diego