The Grom Cup



The Grom Cup is a youth bouldering competition series hosted two times per year: September-November and March-June. The series is comprised of a set number of qualifying rounds (depending on the season) and one final onsight round. Our goal is to provide youth athletes in Southern California and beyond the opportunity to climb and compete on championship level boulder problems in a fun, low-stakes environment. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting to compete, The Grom Cup aims to provide a fun and challenging experience to all participants. These competitions are great preparation for the USAC Bouldering Series!

All competitions will be held at The Mesa Rim Academy (10070 Mesa Rim Road).

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There are six categories: male and female Guppies (birth year 2007-2011), male and female Minnows (birth year 2004-2006) and male and female Sharks (birth year 2000-2003)*.

*There will only be one qualifying round for the male and female Sharks. This will be during the third qualifying competition in June.



Qualifier 1*: March 23, 2-5pm (Guppies & Minnows)

Qualifier 2 May 4, 10am-1pm (Guppies & Minnows)

Qualifier 3 & Finals June 1

  • Sharks Qualifier: 12:30-3:30pm
  • Guppies & Minnows Qualifier: 12:30-3:30pm
  • On-Sight Finals (Guppies & Minnows only): 5-7pm

*The first Grom Cup will follow the USAC Divisional Coach Symposium hosted by Mesa Rim. Coaches who have signed up for this symposium will receive two 10% off coupon codes that can be used on the Grom Cup Package deals. Ask your coach if you are interested in a discount! You can register for the Coach Symposium here.



All qualifying rounds will be modified redpoint with 12 to 15 problems for each age category. Problems will be peer judged. The qualifiers will function both as standalone events with podiums rewarded following each session, as well as qualifying events for the onsight finals. Athletes may compete in a single qualifier or all events.

The Guppies and Minnows category competitors will earn cumulative ranking points based on their rankings from each of the first two qualifiers. The top five ranked athletes in each category after the second qualifier will earn a spot in finals. Additionally, the top five competitors from the third qualifier (held on finals day) will secure a spot in finals for a total of 10 finalists per category.*

* If a competitor from the first group of finalists places in the top five of the 3rd qualifier, an invitation for finals will be extended to the next competitor.


  • Three Qualifier Package – Member: $150
  • Three Qualifier Package – Non-Member: $165
  • Single Qualifier: $60

Purchase of a package will automatically enroll competitors in all three qualifiers, but competitors are not required to compete in all three competitions to qualify for finals. 


Grom Cup: Minnows (Birth Year 2004-2006)
Grom Cup: Sharks (Birth Year 2000-2003)