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Programs For All Levels

Whether you’re looking for focused, one-on-one training with a coach, specific skill development like how to improve balance on slabby climbs, or a coach-led group of likeminded climbers to keep the stoke high and the plateaus low, we have a program or class to meet your needs.

Secrets of Steep - Starts 2/17!
Improve your abilities as a steep climber. This 6-week series is beneficial for people finishing Basics of Balance, and experienced climbers looking to improve theirs skills on the steeps.
  • Part of the Climbing Technique Series
Adult Training Group - Starts 1/7!
The Adult Training Group is for those looking to improve their climbing fitness. With expert coaching and the accountability a group creates, participants can expect to stick to a training plan for 12 weeks and see growth. Particular attention is paid to core, finger strengthening and climbing technique.
    Work on your abilities as a slab climber as you’re taught fundamental skills to move with balance and grace on low-angle climbs. This 4-week series is beneficial for people just getting into climbing and experienced climbers looking to improve their skills on less-than-vertical and vertical terrain.
    • Part of the Climbing Technique Series

    Combine fitness and movement in a unique way to develop control of your own body. Practice mobility, partner drills, strength, and handstands.

    – Training barefoot is preferred.
    – All levels of athletes welcome.
    – T/Th 7-8pm in the Climbing Academy.

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