Please give a hello to our other amazing Front Desk Supervisor, Jonathan Ubaldo! Get to know him below.


Meet Jonathan (he/him):

“I have been working with Mesa Rim for the past two years previously at the North City Location in San Diego. In San Diego, I prided myself on two things: stoke and jokes:D I am ecstatic to be able to carry this hardworking and fun loving energy to ATX, but I am even more excited for the opportunity to interact with the wonderful community that continues to draw a diversity of cool people to Austin!”

Fun Facts About Jonathan:
•While learning Arabic in college, he discovered a love for chess while trying to find a way to help me study more effectively. ♟♥️
•Before Jonathan found climbing, he spent many years playing rugby and even coached a high school team.
•Earlier this year, he made a core memory by swimming and mud bathing with elephants. 🐘😍

Climbing/Outdoor Facts:
•Jonathan has done deep water soloing in Thailand. 🏊‍♂️
•He’s hiked all of Angel’s Landing Trail in Zion National Park while in sandals. Since the age of 10 he’s been backpacking through the Eastern Sierras and have flirted with death on more than one occasion. 🥸👻