We are beyond stoked to have Shelby on the team as one of our Front Desk Supervisors. ✨ Get to know her a little more below!


Meet Shelby (she/her):

“Originally from Washington State, I have been living in Austin (almost) long enough to be considered local. I am all about education, confidence building, and mentorship. Nothing lights up my world more than watching new climbers transform from shaky first hold to confident, versatile members of the outdoor community. To influence the growing team and community at Mesa Rim; to be a mentor, an advocate, the tough love or the much needed kind word, is a privilege that I could not be more excited about! Can’t wait to continue learning and growing with the community.”

Here are some fun facts about Shelby:
•In 2012, Shelby and her best friend traveled the country in their 1980 VW vanagon for 5 months. They broke down 1,500 miles from home and were told they either needed a new van or a new engine. They dropped the engine in a stranger’s driveway and rebuilt it themselves instead. “Nicest strangers EVER!” -Shelby 🚌♥️
• Shelby says she’s ridiculously chipper in the morning, especially if someone else is grouchy. 🤩
•”I have a broken jukebox in my head and will turn everything and anything into a song…Also, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket so this habit is either very endearing or very annoying depending on who you ask!” 🎤🎼

Some climbing/outdoor facts:
•Her first climbing harness was a hand-me-down from her dad… It was made by REI. 🤣
•Caves terrify Shelby… but she has a cave rescue certification and goes caving at least once a year!🦇
•Shelby is a volunteer with Travis County Search & Rescue specializing in wilderness search, medical, and all things special ops and rope rescue. ⛑♥️