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The best value in climbing, yoga, and fitness


Mesa Rim membership grants you access to everything the gym has to offer: unlimited bouldering, top rope climbing, lead climbing, yoga classes, the fully-stocked fitness area and WiFi work spaces. You also receive a 10% discount on classes and items in the pro shop, plus a free belay lesson and monthly guest pass. As a founding member, you will also receive exclusive access to VIP events and soft opening hours prior to grand opening, a limited edition founding member T-shirt, and more!



  • Unlimited Bouldering, Top Rope Climbing, and Lead Climbing
  • Full Yoga Schedule
  • Pro Shop Discounts
  • Locker Rooms + Showers + Sauna
  • WiFi Workspaces
  • Free Monthly Guest Pass


  • Current Pricing Only Available until August 31st, 2022
  • $813 Annual Pre-Paid Membership (15% off annual rate)
  • Waived Initiation fee ($100 value)
  • Limited Edition T-shirt + Sticker
  • Exclusive invites to VIP events / soft opening, special perks, and more!


[To be signed at a future date]

Membership Use: The Prepaid Annual Membership gives the Member the right to the use of the services and facilities offered by Mesa Rim for twelve consecutive months from the date of purchase.

No Refunds or Cancellations: No refunds or cancellations are allowed on the purchase of a Prepaid Annual Membership — all sales are final regardless of use

No Freezing: Prepaid Annual memberships cannot be frozen and the term of the membership is fixed at one year from the date of purchase. 

Non-Transferable: The Annual Membership is not transferable to any other person and Member may not sell, assign or transfer Membership or any other right or privilege.

Account Invoicing: Members are allowed to invoice products and services offered by Mesa Rim up to $100 limit per billing cycle if a credit card or bank account information is added to account. Payment for invoiced items will be automatically charged on the 10th of every month. Mesa Rim reserves the right to limit or deny account invoicing to any Member.

Additional Information

When does my membership begin?

All presale memberships will become activated on our grand opening day, tentatively planned for Nov 2022. As a founding member, you will have exclusive access to VIP events and soft opening hours prior to grand opening. If there are any construction delays that move back our official opening date, we will move the activation date accordingly.

Can I pause, freeze, cancel or get a refund on a Prepaid Annual Membership?

Prepaid Annual memberships cannot be frozen and the term of the membership is fixed at 12 consecutive calendar months from the date of activation (grand opening day). All sales final regardless of use and no complete or partial refunds are allowed.

When will I next be billed if I purchase a Monthly Membership?

The next billing date for all presale Monthly Memberships is January 10, 2023 and the 10th of each month following, until a termination or freeze request is submitted in writing.

Where is my membership valid?

Founding memberships are valid at Mesa Rim’s Austin, TX location. The membership also affords members a limited number of visits at all other Mesa Rim locations. (Note, if your primary residence is in the San Diego area, a San Diego membership is required)

What rate will I pay if I renew my Annual Membership in 2023?

All founding members are locked into the rate they pay now so long as they keep an active membership.