Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rate change?

All members that have been paying the same membership rate for more than three years will be moved into our Legacy Member Rates:

San Diego

  • Legacy Member Rate = $99 (10% discount)
  • Dependent Rate = $55 (50% discount)
  • Industry Rate = $88 (20% discount)


  • Legacy Member Rate = $83 (10% discount)
  • Dependent Rate = $46 (50% discount)
  • Industry Rate = $74 (20% discount)

If you have been a member for less than three years your rate will not change at this time. You will keep your current rate until it falls below 90% of the rate for new memberships.

When will the change take effect?

The new Legacy Member Rate will be applied to your monthly billing on October 10, 2024

What if I want to cancel membership before that time?

If you wish to terminate your membership you can submit a termination request on our website. Keep in mind that if you cancel your membership you will pay the initiation fee and current member rates if you sign up at a future date. 

Why is Mesa raising rates?

At Mesa Rim, we take pride in our commitment to rewarding member loyalty through rate stability. In fact, the last time we raised rates for existing members was back in 2016. However, over the past several years, we have witnessed a significant increase in our operational costs across various areas, including employee health insurance, facility rent, and wages. These escalating expenses have made it increasingly challenging to sustain our high standards of service and continue providing the exceptional experience you’ve come to expect. 

This rate adjustment will help us strike a balance between the cost of membership and the cost of operating our business — enabling us to continue investing in our spaces, ensuring we continue to be an amazing climbing, yoga, and workout destination. Additionally, it will allow us to provide competitive pay and benefits to our valued staff, ensuring we attract and retain the best talent to serve you.

When will Mesa Rim raise rates again?

We will expect that we’ll need to make modest rate adjustments to our new membership rates every year. However, we are committed to minimizing rate increases for loyal members, so existing members who maintain their memberships will not see another rate increase until their membership rate falls below 90% of our standard membership rate.

Access Membership

In October 2024 Mesa Rim will launch an Access Membership. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to become a part of our amazing community, regardless of financial constraints. With our Access Membership, we aim to break down financial barriers by offering reduced rates to those who may otherwise find a Mesa Rim membership unaffordable. Applications will open every six months with eligibility being self-determined and recipients chosen at random. 

Information on the Access Membership rate and application process will be available with our first round of applications opening in September.