Climbing’s Soulmate: Scuba Diving

So you’re hooked on climbing! Have you ever tried scuba diving? Chances are you’ll love both!

I got scuba certified in September of 2019 and all I can say is that I have fully adopted it as a passion of mine and wish I would have gone down into its abyss sooner.

I fell in love with climbing in 2010 and continue to thoroughly enjoy it. As I continue to dive deeper into scuba I couldn’t help but notice the similarities that climbing and diving share. The two actually have a ton in common! I’ve noticed that I appreciate them both more and more in an interestingly independent yet complementary manner the more I do them.

I started to think why I felt this way and came up with the following:

10 Common Themes of Scuba Diving/ Rock Climbing

  1. Adventure Factor– Extreme sports (adrenaline/risk)
    2.  Challenge Yourself– Allows for a constant pushing of your limits
  2. Nature Connection– Time spent outdoors and getting lost in nature
    4. Partner Activity– Dive buddy/belay buddy (more fun with a friend)
    5. Learning– Virtually endless amounts of knowledge and continuing education/ mastering of skills
    5. Travel– Enjoy while traveling or better yet plan travel around them
    6. Techie Gear– From belay devices to scuba tanks and beyond lots of cool gear to be had
    7.  New Heights– Vertical movement (ascending/descending) provides unique beautiful perspectives
    8.  Redundancies– Safety first: Check it twice and have a backup plan
    9. Variation– Indoor/outdoor, top rope/lead climbing, boat, cave, and drift diving etc.
    10.  Community– Awesome supportive people that are easy to connect and make friends with

For all these reasons and more I suggest you get out there and give scuba a try (get certified) if you haven’t already done so yet.

I recently had the pleasure of combining a visit to see my sister in Florida with a dive trip! We did a boat dive off the tropical waters of Palm Beach where I was able to experience my most amazing dives to date. The following day we dove two cavern systems in northern Central Florida (first time ever diving in fresh water and caves which was way cool). It was an incredible trip/experience and one I am super glad I was able to do.

If you have any questions on the process of getting scuba certified or want to dive together feel free to reach out