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  • April 20, 2019
  • 8:00AM to 4:00PM

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Indian Club and Gada Workshop

8:00AM to 4:00PM
April 20, 2019


A one day workshop presented by Paul Taras Wolkowinski and hosted by John Parker and Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness.


This is the most fundamental and in-depth Traditional Gada (mace) workshop available in a single day. This workshop is ideal for newcomers to the Gada (mace) and also those who have been training but want to refine and perfect their technique.


Swinging a Gada (mace) is a full body workout that will strengthen your back, chest, core, shoulders, forearms, and grip. Swinging the Gada (Mace) is a Mental and Physical Challenge, it is clumsy, unbalanced and intended to be difficult to handle.


The Indian Club content in this workshop is highly focused on transverse turns, thoracic mobility and grip changing which are prerequisites to understanding the mechanics of Indian Clubs and the Gada (mace), as there are many crossover points and common threads in the two disciplines.


As an added bonus, you’ll get to take home your own set of clubs and a Gada. That’s a $120 value!




  • Grips and Grip Changing
  • Body Positions
  • Commands
  • Thoracic Transverse Mobilisation for Indian Clubs
  • One Arm Front Circles and Hand Changing
  • One Arm Front and Back Circles (heart shapes) with Hand Changing
  • Two Arm Front Circles Inward, Outward and Parallel
  • Two Arm Front and Back Parallel Circles (heart shapes)
  • How to safely lift a Gada (mace) and set it down on the floor
  • Understand the Two Basic Grips, Grip Changes and their uses
  • Thoracic Transverse Mobilisation for the Gada (mace)
  • The front Rack Position and Maintaining Balance
  • How to use Triceps Extensions
  • How to use Skin Grip and Pressure
  • The ever-changing Pivot Points of a Gada (mace)
  • How to avoid Tracking mistakes during a swing
  • The Push and Pull Technique
  • Use a Gada (mace) made from bamboo and concrete
  • Traditional 360°s
  • Traditional 10-2’s
  • Technique for one arm swings
  • Rookie Mistakes
  • And much, much, more


Held at the Mesa Rim Climbing Academy (10070 Mesa Rim Rd., SD, CA, 92121)

Check out the clubs in action, courtesy of Mesa Rim personal trainer and workshop co-host, John Parker, CSCS.



Want to learn more about how Indian Clubs can help you build stronger, more stable shoulders? Check out this informative post written by event co-host, John Parker.