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Wim Hof Ice Bath With Reis

2:00PM to 6:00PM
August 18, 2019


Mira Mesa


10110 Mesa Rim Road, San Diego, CA 92121

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This workshop will dive into the fundamentals of the Wim Hof Method (WHM) with one of the few certified instructors in the U.S. These principle techniques were developed in nature by “The Iceman” himself, Wim Hof, which he has used for over 30 years to find peace, control his mind, and achieve an unprecedented level of human performance.


For 4 hours, you will get hands-on training with Breathing Exercises, Cold Exposure, and Mindset/Focus–the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. This will include a light lecture that introduces the science behind the method, how it affects your mind and body, and how you can use the method to your advantage. In addition, you will be moving, breathing, and getting into the ice, all while having a lot of fun.


After the workshop, you will be equipped with a new set of tools, training, and knowledge to upgrade your daily life. As Wim says, we all have the innate ability to be Healthy, Strong and Happy. By combining the three pillars, you will unlock a wide range of benefits including reduced stress, increased energy, better sleep, sharpened focus and determination, increased creativity, boosted metabolism, decreased inflammation, improved sports performance and more.



Member: $125

Non-Member: $149



Reis Paluso is a husband, father of two young girls, an owner of two start-up businesses and a surfer. He found himself searching for a way to maintain balance in life and by making a mind-body connection through the Wim Hof Method, he began on a journey of unlocking his true potential and found the capacity to dig much deeper into the things he is passionate about. He followed his heart down the path of becoming a Certified Instructor in order to share these powerful tools with the world. Reis hosts workshops, private training, and retreats, and is based out of San Diego, California.