The Mesa Sessions are coach-developed workouts designed to create an autonomous climbing training experience for the intermediate to advanced climber. 

The What:

The Mesa Sessions are 30- or 60-minute climbing workouts that utilize boulders in the same color grading scale to target a desired training zone: Strength, Power Endurance, Endurance, General Fitness, and Skill Acquisition. The workouts can be used by beginner and advanced climbers alike as they’re scaled to ability; each climber will use the color circuit (on the grading scale) to choose climbs that match their ability level. Every two months, we will release a new set of workouts including one that focuses on skill acquisition via Movement Stations. 

The How: 

  1. Identify the color zone from our “Grading Scale” that best matches your ability. Use that to choose boulders around the gym with that same colored tag.
  2. Choose a 30- or 60-minute workout below.
  3. Warm up for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Repeat the workout until your chosen time limit is up.
Staff member leads a belay lesson for two participants

Workout #1: Climb one problem from your circuit every minute, every five problems rest three minutes

Workout #2: Climb one boulder from your circuit every two minutes

Two female climbers give each other a high five while a male climber looks on

Workout #1: Climb one boulder every three minutes

Workout #2: Climb one boulder every four minutes