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Why I Ran the Mission Trails Regional Park 5-Peak Challenge

Started in 2015, The Mission Trails Regional Park 5-Peak Challenge rewards those who hike to the summit of five nearby peaks in San Diego. Mesa Rim Regional Director of Operations, Keegan Dimmick, decided to run the near 16-mile course—in one day. By Keegan Dimmick  ...

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No Plastic November

We’ve collaborated with Groundswell Community Project to bring you an opportunity to win a free month membership while helping save the sea and supporting an awesome cause.

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2019 Prices

On January 1st there will be a small fee increase for gym use and other services. We are committed to providing a quality experience for our customers, as well as our staff. The increasing cost of living in San Diego necessitates occasional price bumps in order to hire and retain qualified staff members, as well as maintain and continually improve our facilities.

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Why Yoga Teacher Training?

CONSIDERING PARTICIPATING IN MESA RIM’S UPCOMING YOGA TEACHER TRAINING? SOME OF THE INSTRUCTORS SHARE THEIR REASONS WHY IT’S A GREAT INVESTMENT.   In advance of the Yoga Teacher Training coming up in a few weeks, we spoke to some of the instructors about their own...

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Rope Check Fundamentals

GET UP TO SPEED ON HOW TO CHECK YOUR ROPE SO YOU CAN MAKE SURE IT’S IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER OR IF IT’S TIME TO INVEST IN A NEWER MODEL. By Matt Gordon Your rope is one of the most important parts of your climbing experience, whether you’re having a long top rope...

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