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  • February 29, 2020
  • Saturday, 11:00AM to 1:00PM

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Leap Day Inversions Intensive

Saturday, 11:00AM to 1:00PM
February 29, 2020


Taught by experienced instructors Kim Allcock (E-RYT500, Yoga Supervisor) and Megan Romo-Elliker, this immersive class will give you the why and how of three of the most commonly taught upside-down Yoga poses: handstand, forearm balance, and headstand. These poses can be intimidating and even risky if not performed carefully, but with attention to detail and proper preparation they are approachable, achievable, and fun. You’ll learn how to build strength and confidence, how to work toward the full poses, and how to properly align your inverted postures from the ground up. Be prepared to have fun, challenge yourself, and flip your perspective on its head (both literally and figuratively)!


After taking this class you will:

  • * get the chance to try challenging poses with the support and instruction of two very experienced and skilled Yoga teachers;
  • * build confidence, strength and technique;
  • * try poses we don’t always get a chance to try in regularly scheduled yoga classes;
  • * get great instruction on how to build inverted postures safely and with stability from the ground up;
  • * and learn preparatory practices to get you ready to try more advanced postures!

Cost: $15 members / $35 non-members (includes day pass)