At the Mesa Rim Training Camps we strive to create an environment for athletes that will challenge their mental and physical limits in preparation for competition. We utilize a range of tools – including challenging movement through setting, mental preparation, and strategies related to the seasonal disciplines – to imbue athletes with the skills and confidence needed for success at high intensity competitions.

Youth Training Camps


These camps are designed to prepare youth athletes for Championship level events, so we ask that the athletes who sign up come with championship level competition experience.

  • For ages 8-18 (D-Jr categories)

Championship Bouldering Intensive With Guest Coaches Udo Neumann and FloRIAN Murnig

  • Takes place at the end of December annually
  • Member: $428, Non-Member: $475
  • 2019 dates: December 28-30
    • Registration Open


  • Takes place at the end of January annually
    • 2020 dates: January 25-26
    • Member: $350, Non-Member $400
      • Registration Opens October 1

Championship Sport & Speed Intensive

  • Takes place at the end of May annually
    • 2020 dates: May 23-25
    • Member: $428, Non-Member: $475
      • Registration Opens January 25

Pre-Nationals (Sport & Speed) Part 1

  • Takes place at the end of June annually
    • 2020 dates: June 25-July 1
    • Member: $536, Non-Member: $595
      • Registration Opens February 25

Add-On Camps

Pre-nationals camp (Sport & Speed) Pt. 2*

  • 2020 Dates: July 2-5
  • Member: $428, Non-Member: $475
  • Registration Opens February 25

* Not included in the Four-Camp Package. Can be purchased as an add-on. Add-on pricing: Member: $224, Non-Member: $250. Special add-on pricing available until November 1, 2019.

Pre-nationals camp (Sport & Speed) Pt. 1 & 2

  • 2020 Dates: June 25-July 5
  • Member: $760, Non-Member: $845
  • Registration Opens February 25


Open World Cup Training Camps

We host bi-annual adult open World Cup training camps for adult athletes on or aspiring to be on the US Team. These events are by invite only for age 16 and up.

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  • Upcoming Camps and Registration:
    • Future Dates TBD

“Thank you for this awesome camp! It seems like there are hardly any other camps that replicate a competition format this accurately and professionally. Also, I don’t know of any other places (US at least) running camps with learning on rest days — I found the rest day really helpful and informative. Hope to make it to more in the future!” ~ Colin Wills

“My daughter loved the intensive and got a great deal out of it. The exercises, videos and coaching along with the explanations really stuck with her. The routesetting was super high quality and made the mock comps much more meaningful and realistic.  Can’t wait to see what you offer next time.”  ~ Parent