At the Mesa Rim Training Camps we strive to create an environment for athletes that will challenge their mental and physical limits in preparation for competition. We utilize a range of tools – including challenging movement through setting, mental preparation, and strategies related to the seasonal disciplines – to imbue athletes with the skills and confidence needed for success at high intensity competitions.


July 8th – 10th, 2022

Who can attend:

  • All competitive athletes are welcome to attend, regardless of whether they qualified for Nationals this year.

What to expect:

  • Join us for a weekend of focused competition preparation for Youth National Championships! Sign up for a day of polishing skills for bouldering, sport climbing, or speed climbing, OR a combination of disciplines.


  • Enrico Baistrocchi, Mesa Rim Climbing Academy Programs Consultant & IFSC Routesetter
  • Matt DeStefano, Mesa Rim Climbing Academy Specialty Coach & Physical Therapist
  • Nayton Rosales, Mesa Rim Mission Valley Head Coach & Speed Specialist
  • Nohl Haeckel, Director of Routesetting at Flowstone Climbing & Youth Nationals Bouldering Chief 2022
  • Sandy Jairaj, Mesa Rim Climbing Academy Manager & Specialty Coach
  • Steve Gaspar, Rock Warriors Head Coach & Nutritionist


  • 1-Day Speed $150
  • 1-Day Sport or Bouldering $250
  • 2-Day Sport & Bouldering $450
  • 3-Day Sport, Bouldering & Speed $525


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4-Week: Basics of Movement

“Thank you for this awesome camp! It seems like there are hardly any other camps that replicate a competition format this accurately and professionally. Also, I don’t know of any other places (US at least) running camps with learning on rest days — I found the rest day really helpful and informative. Hope to make it to more in the future!” ~ Colin Wills

“My daughter loved the intensive and got a great deal out of it. The exercises, videos and coaching along with the explanations really stuck with her. The routesetting was super high quality and made the mock comps much more meaningful and realistic.  Can’t wait to see what you offer next time.”  ~ Parent