Adaptive Programs

Adaptive Climbing Team

The Mesa Rim Adaptive Climbing team provides individuals ages 16+ with physical disability a chance to explore the sport of rock climbing within a safe and encouraging environment. The team is best suited for climbers who wish to pursue personal goals with a constructive focus or who wish to participate in adaptive climbing competitions. All climbers who wish to join the team must first attend a climbing introduction with an adaptive climbing coach.

Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:00pm – 7:00pm


Community Clinics

As a part of our commitment to care genuinely about our community, Mesa Rim offers outside organizations that work with the disability community a chance to blend their community with ours. We offer two hour climbing clinics to organizations that want to introduce climbing to their members. Mesa Rim provides trained staff to provide all services during the clinics.

Open to physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities

All ages welcome!

Custom Adaptive Long-Term Programming

We are happy to tailor custom programming to suit organizational needs. We can provide training programs, on site coaches, or instructional information to help your community run a climbing program. We will work with group leaders to find what best suits the organization’s demographics.  These programs can be structured as needed, and may include coaches or an independent training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What demographic does this program serve?

The Adaptive and Innovative Climbing Program serves communities with disabilities or chronic medical conditions. The AICP also seeks to include non-traditional climbing communities like the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Is any adaptive equipment provided?

Mesa Rim can provide various types of harnesses including traditional waist harness, youth and adult full body harness, and wheelchair harness. Mesa Rim can also provide prosthetic climbing feet.

Are there any medical conditions that disqualify a climber from participating?

Mesa Rim does not restrict anyone from climbing based on medical history, but we do encourage participants to communicate with their instructors regarding any challenges they may have and to not push beyond what they are physically comfortable with.

Can my autistic child climb if they are having behavioral problems?

Yes! Mesa Rim encourages all climbers with autism to participate. Climbers may need to begin by practicinging at The Academy during off-hours until we can work through any behavioral problems that pose a risk to the child or other climbers. Mesa Rim also invites any occupational or behavioral therapists to attend climbing sessions at the family’s discretion.

Will I be able to get around the gym if I am in a wheelchair?

Yes, Mesa Rim is fully accessible for climbers in chairs.

Will my prosthetic fall off while I am climbing?

Possibly! We encourage amputees to consult their prosthetist to discuss the best securing options. Mesa Rim can also provide prosthetic leashes if needed.