Required training and certification for rope climbing


We are passionate about climbing; both as a sport and a lifestyle. We want to share our passion and ignite the adventurous, lifelong climber within you! That’s why you won’t find devices attached to the climbing ropes or knots already tied. Our staff will teach you the essential climbing and rope work skills which will empower you to properly belay at any climbing facility, and outdoors.

Climbing is inherently dangerous. Being educated and using proper technique helps manage the risks related to your own safety and your partners’. Climbing with a trusted and skilled belayer keeps climbing fun for everyone.


Rope climbers must pass our belay certification test prior to top rope climbing (the tall walls). The best way to pass this test is to take a belay lesson. If you know how to tie a figure-8 knot follow through and are familiar with the P.L.U.S. method of belaying, the lesson may not be required. Belay lessons often fill up, so reserving a spot prior to your first visit is recommended. Having climbed at other climbing centers does not necessarily qualify you for our belay test.

The front desk team members can conduct your belay certification test at any time; reservations are not required.

Parents climbing with young climbers are encouraged to sign up for a youth program or belay lesson prior to your visit.

Lead climbing requires an additional certification. Certification is not required for bouldering.