Mesa Rim is elated to have Jonny Schaefer join our team as the Facility Supervisor of Mesa Rim Austin. Providing an amazing space is one of our core values. As the Facility Supervisor, Jonny will be developing a team and cultivating a culture that supports this amazing space daily. Check out the fun facts below to get to know Jonny better!


• I am a war veteran and served in the Marines. I believe  Peace & Love is the way to go!

• I grew up in the same house my dad did, which is located in sunset valley. So yes, I’m an Austinite 🤘

• I used part of my G.I. Bill to attend courses through The American Alpine Institute in Washington state. I love the west and have climbed all over it… don’t get me started on the liberty bell group or the town of Mazama.

• A fun climbing fact about me is that I’ve worked for every climbing gym company in Austin(minus the one before SARG) and couldn’t be happier with our community. I  especially enjoy how inclusive the Austin climbing community is and how it brings people together here in this awesome city.

• I started climbing when I was 12 at the South Austin rock gym. I joined the kids climbing team for 3 years but drifted away from the gym during my high school years. Thankfully I wandered back into that gym 10+years later after the Marines and it was exactly what my soul needed.

• I have an impeccable sense of direction, and I attribute most of that to road trips as a kid (Maps only in those days). If I drive somewhere, I make a mental note and can almost always get myself back to start, there’s only been a few times where I’ve truly felt lost. (Directionally).