Improve your climbing ability with programs designed to boost technique and confidence on the walls


Rope climbers must pass our belay certification test prior to top rope climbing (the tall walls). The best way to pass this test is to take a belay lesson. If you know how to tie a figure-8 knot follow through and are familiar with the P.L.U.S. method of belaying, the lesson may not be required. 

  • What: This three-part series will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of rock climbing! Instructors will focus on the fundamentals of indoor rock climbing, the concepts of footwork and movement, and basic climbing positions to help improve your climbing skills. ($30 Members / $45 Non-Member)

  • Who: Best for newer climbers!
This three part series will teach you everything you need to know about lead climbing at Mesa Rim! Instructors will focus on the technical, mental, and physical aspects of leading in each 2-hour class session over the course of three weeks.
Crack Climbing Series

Learn the ins and outs of crack climbing in this introductory class that teaches you the body positions and jams needed to become a successful crack climber. You’ll be guided by an experienced instructor through every crack in the gym, from cracks as small as your fingers to as wide as your body, as they teach you techniques such as ring-locks, hand jams and many more.


  • Member $45
  • Guest $60

This three-part series is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to take your climbing into the outdoors!

    • Week 1: Sport Climbing Anchors
    • Week 2: Multi-pitch Climbing
    • Week 3: Crack Climbing
    • Prerequisites Include:
      • Top Rope/Lead Certified at Mesa Rim
      • 3 months of climbing experience recommended
      • Advanced reservations required
Adult Climbing Team
Adult Climbing Team

The Adult Training team is designed for students looking to take their climbing to the next level through on the wall and off the wall training techniques.

Lead instructor Nicky Dyal focuses on the mental and technical components of climbing to create confidence and efficiency on the wall, she has over 30 years of climbing experience from bouldering to big wall climbing and has traveled the world in pursuit of new climbing.

Get ready to check your ego at the door and have a fun and inspiring time with coach Nicky!

For details on training for the advanced climber, please email


  • 17+ years old
  • Monthly commitment


  • $138/month


  • Standard Monthly Membership


  •  Mondays 6-8pm