Since 2010


Plain and simple: Our vision is to improve the quality of life of our community.



Community: Hands down, the people–staff and guests–are the magic of Mesa Rim. This is a space to build community; this is a space to connect with others. Genuine, caring, inclusive, inspiring . . . these are just a few of the words to describe the community and heart of Mesa Rim.

Movement: We’re driven to provide amazing spaces to move–be it through thoughtful climbing routes, fulfilling yoga classes, or an engaging fitness experience.

Self-Growth: We believe in pursuing new heights and challenging ourselves–on and off the walls. We provide an education-focused experience to support continued learning and growth.

Industry Expertise and Leadership: The Mesa Rim Team includes some of the most talented and innovative people in the industry who work to push what’s possible. We’re honored and proud to have such a well-rounded, enthusiastic and passionate team.

Mesa Rim staff

Mesa Rim has been a hub for folks to explore the sport of climbing since first opening its doors in Mira Mesa, San Diego in 2010. Our founders dreamed of creating an inclusive space where people of all walks of life and abilities could venture out of their comfort zones in pursuit of a remarkable movement experience.

What has evolved from that first location is more than we could have hoped for. Mesa Rim’s community has expanded to include several full service climbing centers (and growing) and the Mesa Rim Climbing Academy.


Our first full-service climbing and fitness center opened in Mira Mesa in 2010. Since then, we have expanded to Mission Valley, Reno, and San Marcos, which will open in 2020.


This first-of-its-kind climbing training facility, opened in 2015, was created to provide both enthusiasts and professional athletes a space to train, grow, and thrive.

We’re grateful for the chance to connect with this great community and support the growth and progress of climbing while staying true to its roots and heart. We believe this journey has only just begun and look forward to what’s next.

Mesa Rim staff