At the Mesa Rim Training Camps we strive to create an environment for athletes that will challenge their mental and physical limits in preparation for competition. We utilize a range of tools – including challenging movement through setting, mental preparation, and strategies related to the seasonal disciplines – to imbue athletes with the skills and confidence needed for success at high intensity competitions.


March 29th-1st 2023 

Who can attend:

  • Athletes that are training for rope and speed qualifiers

  • Athletes climbing 5.11 and up

  • Athletes with speed times 18 seconds or less

What to expect:

  • Athletes should expect a rigorous training schedule, designed to work through competition style climbing and the pressures of being a competitive athlete. All athletes in attendance should come ready to learn and receive feedback by our experienced coaching staff.

What’s included:


  • Day 1 and 2 Rope Training:
    • Importance of recovery and recovery points system
    • Movement and Strategy
    • Dialing ISO Warm ups 
    • Pacing and resting skill building
    • Beginner Mental Toughness Workshop
    • Intermediate to Advanced Mental Toughness Workshop
  • Day 3 and 4 Rope Training:
    • Mock Comp Simulation
    • Competition Video Review with Coaches
    • Redpointing routes
  • Day 4 Speed:
    • Mock Qualifier
    • Mock Semi Final
    • Mock Final
    • Speed Warm Ups


  • $450.00 (This does not include: food, lodging or transportation)
    Sport + Speed Training Camp

    “Thank you for this awesome camp! It seems like there are hardly any other camps that replicate a competition format this accurately and professionally. Also, I don’t know of any other places (US at least) running camps with learning on rest days — I found the rest day really helpful and informative. Hope to make it to more in the future!” ~ Colin Wills

    Emma - Bouldering

    “Jackie helped me prepare for comps physically and mentally. From everyday practices to private lessons, Jackie helped me expand my climbing knowledge and mental strength. I’m very grateful for the time I got to train with Jackie and the support she still gives me!” – Emma Hunt


    Jackie Pettitt

    Jackie Pettitt

    Head Coach

    • Head Coach of Mesa Rim Reno
    • Route Setter at Stone Summit from 2015-2020
    • At Stone Summit as Head Coach from 2015-2020
      • 2015-2020 Team placed top 3 Nationally and Won Bouldering Nationals in 2017
      •  Many athletes have gone on to compete in the elite series.
      • Coached Youth athletes to elite level (Emma Hunt, Callie Close, Zach Galla, and Zander Waller to name a few.)
      • 2018 Coach the French Federation Team Training Camp with Jacky Goodolf in France.
      • 2015-2020 Coached Training Camps at Stone Summit with Jacky Goodolf, Claudiu Vidulescu, Meg Coyne, Kody Alsadi, and Meghan McDonald.
    Dave Wetmore

    Dave Wetmore


    • 2004 to present: USAC Level 5 national setter, L1 and L2 clinic instructor
    • 2018 to present: Head setter at The Boulder Field (Sacramento, CA)
    • National/International setting experience:
      • 2022 NACS Vail chief setter
      • 2021 Open Bouldering National setter 
      • 2021 IFSC Boulder World Cup setter 
      • 2019 Open Bouldering National setter 
      • 2018 Open Bouldering National chief setter 
      • 2017 IFSC Boulder World Cup setter 
      • 2016 SCS Youth National setter 
      • 2014 Mexico City Pan Americans chief setter 
    Steve Gaspar

    Steve Gaspar


    • Director of Route Setting for Rockreation Sport Climbing Centers in Southern California
    • Head Coach of The Rock Warriors Climbing Team – current Region 31 Champions. 
    • As a Routesetter, Steve has set multiple USA Climbing Youth Sport Climbing Nationals and championship-level events in all disciplines. 
    • Steve is an ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist, & DNA Wellness Specialist with over a decade of professional experience.
    Mountain Mariana

    Mountain Mariana


    • Head Routesetter at Mesa Rim Reno
    • Routesetter for over 23 years and has a USAC level 5 National Chief Routesetter certification.
    • In addition to setting four IFSC World Cups, has set for 15 USAC Youth National Championships.
    Nayton Rosales

    Nayton Rosales


    • Head Coach and Routesetter at Mesa Rim Mission Valley
    • Nayton has been climbing for 9 years and coaching for the last 5 years. His focus is on developing a strong mindset for climbing and competing as well as a better understanding how to approach technical movement and route reading skills.
    • Nayton also has experience competing at US National Cup Series events in Bouldering, Lead, and Speed.
    Noah Collins

    Noah Collins

    Climbing Coach

    • Started coaching at rocky top climbing (2019-2020)
    • Coach at Mesa Rim (2020-2022)
    • Coached winter Regionals training camp
    • Coached athletes to national level
    • Coached pre-national weekend intensive (2021)
    • Coaching focus on bouldering, movement, and mindset. Noah focuses on having a strong mental game around climbing paired with technical movement. He has been climbing for 8 years.