Most Routes in a Day Comp Info

Our Most Routes in a Day Comp takes place Tuesday, August 27. Here’s everything you need to know to participate.



  • Attempt to finish as many routes as possible!

  • You must climb with the same partner all day, no use of volunteer belayers will be permitted.

  • Routes may be climbed only once per person – no repeating. However, you may work a route until you can send it.

  • A route must be completed bottom to top with no falls to get credit. Redpoint.

  • Climbs must be signed by your belayer (honor system).

  • Competition does not apply to the bouldering area.

  • Scorecards must be returned to the front desk by 11pm (closing time) on Tuesday 8/27. Scorecards received after this time will NOT BE COUNTED.

  • Both climbers routes will be totaled for a final “most routes” score.

  • If you climb at both gyms, you must combine the totals from each scorecard.

  • You are responsible for turning in both scorecards to one location.

  • There will only be TWO winners per category between both locations.

  • Winners will be announced on Friday 8/30.




  • Two winners per category

  • 1st Place- climbing rope (one per person)

  • 2nd Place- harness (one per person)

  • 3rd Place- chalk bag with chalk (one per person)