Member Spotlight – Chase Schroeder

It is no question that our members are what makes this gym a beautiful place to hang, both on the walls and off. With that said, we are beginning this month to spotlight some of the folks here that represent our wonderful community and who are an inspiration of where we want to go in the future!

Our first member of the month, Chase Schroeder, is a staple here at Mesa. With over 250 check-in’s, you have no doubt seen him on the walls. He is someone who always brings a positive attitude and smile to his climbing. He is also an individual who is exceptionally talented in pushing himself, always motivated to improve in whatever he does. Here are a couple quick questions to get to know him just a little bit better!



Mesa Rim: How long have you been in Reno/Tahoe? What keeps you here? Any local secrets to share?

Shane: I’ve been living in Reno my whole life. I love the community and the family vibes. 


MR: What is your first/fondest/most interesting climbing memory you can remember?

S: My belay test. Actually tying that first knot and say the safety checks. I was actually really nervous and didn’t want to make any mistakes or feel judged. 

MR: What would be your ideal adventure?

S: Sport or multipitch climbing with my family or friends. Probably sport because it is easier to set up and do quickly.  


MR: Where is your favorite local place to climb?

S: Jellyroll at Donner. It was my first time ever outdoors and was also super awkward! It was strange going to the outdoors and having to relearn what a good grip looks like. 

MR: Where has been the most amazing place you have ever visited (climbing or otherwise)?

S: Tahoe, it wasn’t until recently I learned Tahoe has amazing climbing spots.




Climbing shoes: 5.10

All-time Favorite Route/area: Jellyroll

Favorite time to climb:  After work or the weekend with my family

Favorite Climbing food: That salmon jerky is pretty delicious.



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